June 25, 2024

Trump was McLaren’s guest at the Miami Grand Prix

Former President Donald Trump made an appearance at Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix as a guest of McLaren. Trump walked out into the paddock with a frenzy of attention following him before he made his way into the McLaren garage.

After waving to the crowd from McLaren’s pit box, Trump had a discussion with McLaren’s Racing CEO Zak Brown. He also met with F1 boss Stefano Domenicali and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem. McLaren ended up winning the race, which was unexpected given Max Verstappen’s dominance throughout the weekend – catch the race recap here.

Following the race, Trump sought out Lando Norris to chat with. Norris later expressed to the media that he felt “honored” by Trump’s visit and mentioned that Trump referred to him as his good luck charm.

The TV commentators cleverly remarked on Norris’ victory in Miami by saying “Norris trumps Lando” as he crossed the finish line.

Trump’s presence at the Formula 1 event comes amidst a turbulent period for him as he faces a criminal trial over hush money payments. His attendance generated mixed reactions as spectators both cheered and booed as he made his way through the garage and pit lane. When asked about his visit, McLaren issued a statement explaining the circumstances that led to Trump being in their garage, which is provided below.

“McLaren is a non-political organization, however, we acknowledge and respect the office of President of the United States. Therefore, when the request was made for a race day visit to our garage, we accepted alongside the president of the FIA and the CEOs of Liberty Media and Formula 1.

“We were privileged that McLaren Racing was selected as the representative of F1, affording us the chance to showcase our world-class engineering prowess in motorsport.”

Norris elaborated on his interaction with Trump during the post-race driver’s press conference when he was asked about his thoughts on the former president’s presence at the event.

“He approached me afterwards and congratulated me, so it was certainly an honor. Having someone of his stature acknowledge your achievements and show respect for your hard work is indeed a special moment. He jokingly referred to himself as my lucky charm following my win,” Norris chuckled. “It remains to be seen if he will attend more races in the future, but the weekend saw the presence of several notable and influential individuals. Donald Trump is someone deserving of respect regardless, and when someone like that recognizes your abilities and work ethic, it’s something to be thankful for. And I was, so it was definitely a memorable moment.”


Q: How did Donald Trump end up at the Miami Grand Prix with McLaren?

A: Trump was invited as a guest of McLaren and made an appearance at the race.


In conclusion, Donald Trump’s unexpected visit to the Miami Grand Prix stirred up a range of reactions, but ultimately provided a unique moment for McLaren, Lando Norris, and the spectators at the event.

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