June 22, 2024

F1 Academy’s Sole U.S. Race Weekend in Miami Delivers Thrilling Racing and Sets the Stage for Future Events

MIAMI – Formula 1 Academy’s second season is currently underway as it just completed its second race weekend at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix alongside Formula 1. Abbi Pulling, driving for Rodin Motorsport and supported by Alpine, dominated both 13-lap races at the Miami Autodrome.

This weekend marked the only U.S. stop for F1 Academy this year, with the remaining six racing weekends scheduled at various tracks worldwide. The competition in Miami showcased some standout drivers and thrilling racing action.

For those unfamiliar with F1 Academy, it was launched by Formula 1 to nurture and develop women drivers with the aim of progressing them to higher series, potentially leading to Formula 1. The exposure and opportunities provided by the series closely following Formula 1 events around the globe offer valuable experience to the drivers. Pulling expressed the significance of competing alongside Formula 1 and the encouragement it brings to women in sports.

The competitive and eventful racing weekend in Miami mirrored the post-race ceremonies and celebrations seen in Formula 1. The podium finishers experienced the same level of recognition and media attention, with plans for a documentary series similar to Drive To Survive in the works. American fans witnessed Chloe Chambers claim a podium finish in the Haas-liveried car, showcasing American talent in the series.

Bianca Bustamente, another rising star in the series, overcame challenges to secure valuable points in both races. The intense competition and supportive atmosphere in Miami contributed to her success and highlighted the hard work invested by the team.

Despite the thrilling races, some negative commentary from trackside announcers during the event raised concerns of sexism and inappropriate remarks. Organizers swiftly addressed the issue, emphasizing their commitment to promoting diversity and representation in motorsport.

The intense competition and exposure provided by F1 Academy offer a platform for talented women drivers to shine and attract attention. Pulling’s impressive performances position her as a strong contender for the championship title. The series, available for live streaming on F1TV, moves to Barcelona next for the upcoming race weekend from June 21-23.


  • What is F1 Academy?
  • F1 Academy is a series launched and supported by Formula 1 to develop women drivers and prepare them for higher racing series.

  • Where can I watch F1 Academy races?
  • F1 Academy races are available for live streaming on F1TV.


The second race weekend of Formula 1 Academy in Miami showcased thrilling racing action and highlighted the talent of women drivers in the series. Despite some challenges, the drivers demonstrated their skill and determination, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead. The support and exposure provided by F1 Academy alongside Formula 1 events offer invaluable opportunities for female racers to excel and make their mark in the world of motorsport.

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