June 19, 2024
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Roll-away risk prompts recall of 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB

Mercedes-Benz has announced a small recall affecting approximately 300 units of the EQB, the electric version of the GLB, due to a potential safety issue. The crossovers, built during the 2022 model year, may have a faulty weld in the front axle’s electric motor, which could cause them to roll away while parked.

The recall, identified as 24V-331 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), includes 183 units of the 2022 EQB 300 and 100 units of the 2022 EQB 350, totaling 283 cars. Front-wheel-drive EQBs and gasoline-powered GLBs are not affected. Mercedes-Benz has specified that the affected vehicles were manufactured between February 18, 2022, and January 23, 2023.

The issue stems from a welded spur gear within the front axle’s motor, which may fail and allow the differential spur gear to rotate freely, compromising the parking mechanism. While there may be no prior warning signs, a failed weld can lead to loud rattling noises while driving.

To address the problem, owners of the recalled EQBs are required to visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership for a replacement of the front axle’s motor. The company plans to notify owners via mail before July 9, 2024.


Q: How can I check if my EQB is part of the recall?

A: You can check by contacting your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership with your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Q: Is it safe to continue driving my EQB until it is fixed?

A: It is recommended to use the electronic parking brake to prevent any potential rolling away until the front axle’s motor is replaced.


Mercedes-Benz is taking proactive measures to address the safety concern with the recalled EQBs, ensuring the necessary repairs are carried out for the affected vehicles.

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