June 25, 2024

This Week’s Best Car Deals and Everything Else You Need to Know About Buying a Car

Photo: Subaru

There’s always going to be something unique about dedicating hours comparing evaluations and analysis until you discover the top, most flawless vehicle that could ever match your requirements. Unfortunately, after deciding on a new car to purchase, you’re probably far from the only one to believe that a new Toyota Tacoma or Kia Telluride is suitable for you. This often results in paying a markup at the dealership. – Collin Woodard Discover More


1. Can I negotiate dealer markup?

Yes, you can try to negotiate dealer markup to get a better deal on your car purchase.

2. How can I avoid paying dealer markup?

Researching prices and being willing to walk away from a deal can help you avoid paying unnecessary dealer markups.


Buying a new car can be an exciting but challenging process. By being aware of potential dealer markups and doing thorough research, you can make a more informed decision and potentially save money on your purchase.

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