June 22, 2024
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Fisker discontinues roadside assistance service in the US

Fisker is said to be in discussions with multiple companies regarding a potential acquisition, but as of yet, no deal has been finalized, and its challenges persist. The brand has informed Ocean owners, its sole production model, that it will no longer offer roadside assistance.

“We have an important update regarding our Roadside Assistance services that we want to share with you. Despite our best efforts, we regret to announce that Fisker Roadside Assistance is no longer available,” the brand stated in an email sent to customers in May 2024.

Several owners shared a screenshot of the email on Reddit, and a Fisker spokesperson confirmed the discontinuation of roadside assistance in our market in a statement to CarScoops. Roadside assistance has also been terminated in various European markets.

Details about the service can still be found on Fisker’s website. The roadside assistance plan was accessible nationwide 24/7, valid for six years or 60,000 miles, and covered a range of issues such as mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, and lockouts. Notably, the fine print states that Fisker reserves the right to modify or discontinue specific benefits without notice or compensation to owners.

Fisker’s recent financial difficulties are well-known, but the company appears optimistic about the future. In May 2024, it expanded its American dealer network by adding three new stores in Newport Fisker in Orange County, Fisker of San Jose, and Belford Fisker in New Jersey. These locations will assist in selling off remaining 2023 inventory, which underwent significant price reductions earlier in 2024.

Nevertheless, Fisker reportedly sent an email to staff members indicating potential company-wide layoffs starting on June 28, 2024.


Q: Is Fisker still providing roadside assistance?

A: No, Fisker has discontinued its roadside assistance services.


Despite ongoing financial challenges, Fisker remains optimistic about its future, expanding its dealer network while facing potential layoffs. Owners should be aware that roadside assistance is no longer available and may need to seek alternative solutions in case of emergencies.

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