June 25, 2024

What is the current status of the Miami Grand Prix following three F1 races?

The Miami Grand Prix recently celebrated its third anniversary last weekend, and we visited to see how it has evolved and what the experience of attending a Formula 1 race there is like now that it has become an established circuit.

The setting is unique, as F1 utilizes the parking lots and streets around the Miami Dolphins football stadium for the track. Unlike traditional city circuits, there are no iconic landmarks in sight, but the Hard Rock Stadium adds to the grandeur of the event. With football-themed activities and the upscale Paddock Club attached to the stadium suites, the atmosphere feels posh and sophisticated.

The Spectator Experience

About 275,000 people attended the three-day race weekend, with most fans not having access to exclusive areas. The weather was a hot topic throughout the weekend, as the track’s location away from the city and beachfront meant there was no cooling ocean breeze. However, the thrilling races made the heat worth it, especially with Lando Norris clinching his first F1 victory.

General admission allows fans to explore various zones around the track, but the best views are from the grandstands due to the flat track layout. While Miami offers a different experience from circuits like Austin, which provide expansive views, it does cater to music enthusiasts with performances by top artists like Ed Sheeran and Steve Aoki.

Is Miami the Monaco of America?

The Miami GP’s attempt to emulate Monaco with a fake marina backdrop may seem strange, but the vibrant nightlife of nearby cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale adds to the attraction. The race’s location may not cut through Miami itself, but the surrounding area’s appeal can draw a diverse crowd. The mix of racing excitement and entertainment options may attract new F1 fans, especially in a growing market like the U.S.

Improvements in infrastructure and event atmosphere have enhanced the overall experience from the first race to now, with more enhancements planned for future races. While Las Vegas may be the new hotspot for celebrities and luxury, Miami maintains its unique charm on the F1 calendar. Each U.S. race offers a distinct experience, catering to different types of fans.


Q: Are there affordable ticket options for the Miami Grand Prix?

A: Yes, there are various ticket options available, with general admission and grandstand tickets priced reasonably for a three-day race weekend.

Q: What amenities are available at the Miami Grand Prix?

A: The event offers a range of facilities, including food and beverage options, spectator zones, and entertainment activities throughout the weekend.


The Miami Grand Prix offers a unique blend of racing excitement and entertainment in a vibrant setting. While it may not have the traditional city circuit charm, it attracts a diverse crowd with its upscale atmosphere and surrounding attractions. As the event continues to evolve, it remains a must-visit for fans looking for a different F1 experience in the U.S.

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