June 16, 2024

What Is Fiat Thinking with These New 500e Lease Prices?

I’m a enthusiast of small quirky vehicles, so I was thrilled when I discovered that Fiat was introducing its fresh 500e to the United States. Despite having only leftover 2023 model year 500X crossovers in its lineup, Fiat has chosen not to offer attractive deals on the compact new electric 500 to entice more customers. While most American consumers prefer crossovers and SUVs over subcompact microcars like the 500e with its claimed range of 149 miles, Fiat has decided to price the 500e lease at a premium.

The 2024 Fiat 500e is available for lease at $414 for 36 months with a down payment of $3,819, inclusive of the first month’s payment. When dividing the total lease cost over the 36-month period, this amounts to an effective monthly cost of $520, which is more than double the effective cost of the significantly larger and longer-range Hyundai Kona EV. The base Kona EV offers 200 miles of range and is leasing at an effective cost of $242 per month.

This specific lease applies to a 500e with an MSRP of $34,095, making it an even less attractive deal compared to the Kona EV, which shares a similar starting price. Despite this, Fiat is asking for more than double the amount of money. These figures are based on information from CarsDirect, as stated below:

Even at $414 with $3,819 at signing, the FIAT’s effective cost comes out to $520 a month. Just for reference, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is listed at $299 with $3,993 at signing, or $410 a month. That’s a price difference of $110 per month, giving the Model 3 a great advantage despite an MSRP of $40,380.

As much as I adore unique cars that are full of character and playfulness, I cannot in good conscience recommend a Fiat 500e at these exorbitant prices. The 500e’s modest Fiat-stated range of 149 miles falls short compared to most other EVs on the market, even within the small car segment. If affordability and range are key factors in your new car purchase or lease decision, it is advisable to steer clear of the charming Fiat 500e. Opting for a more affordable vehicle with a longer range, quicker charging times, and greater interior space like the Hyundai Kona EV or the Tesla Model 3 would likely result in a more satisfying ownership experience.


1. Why is the Fiat 500e lease price so high?

The high lease price of the Fiat 500e compared to other electric vehicles can be attributed to several factors, including Fiat’s pricing strategy and the limited demand for subcompact electric cars in the American market.

2. Are there any incentives or discounts available for the Fiat 500e?

Unfortunately, Fiat has not announced any significant incentives or discounts for the 500e at this time, contributing to its relatively high lease cost.


In conclusion, while the Fiat 500e may appeal to fans of quirky small cars, its steep lease price and limited range make it a less attractive option compared to other electric vehicles in the same price range. Buyers seeking a more cost-effective and practical electric car may find better value in alternatives like the Hyundai Kona EV or the Tesla Model 3. Ultimately, the decision to lease or purchase a Fiat 500e should be carefully considered based on individual preferences and budget constraints.

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