June 25, 2024

Vote for the Restorer of the Year: Help Choose the Winner from the Top Five

From the pages of Practical Classics Magazine, we introduce you to the five finalists selected for the Restorer of the Year competition, in collaboration with Adrian Flux.

The winner will have the opportunity to showcase their restoration skills at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 24th-26th March, where they will be presented with the prestigious Golden Spanner. The selection process was thorough and meticulous.

Originally, the top ten finalists were nominated by Practical Classics readers and Adrian Flux insurance customers. The final selection of the top five was made by an expert panel, including PC editor Danny Hopkins and representatives from Adrian Flux.

Below are profiles of the top five finalists:

A Land Rover Restoration Masterpiece

In 2014, Steve Brown stumbled upon a neglected Land Rover Series 3 while searching for an old British motorbike to restore. Against his wife’s initial warning, Steve decided to embark on the restoration journey. Fast forward eight years, and the once scrap heap has been transformed into a stunning bronze green Land Rover, meticulously restored to perfection. Steve’s attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship have made this project a true work of art.

Steve’s expertise in automotive refinishing products, as a technical manager at HB Body, shines through in this remarkable restoration. His passion and skill have elevated this Land Rover to a level that surpasses its original factory condition.

Read the full story of Steve’s Land Rover restoration here.

The Ford Capri MkIII Homecoming

Steve Brandreth’s journey with his Ford Capri MkIII came full circle when he reunited with the exact same car he had sold almost three decades earlier. The emotional attachment and nostalgia led Steve to repurchase the car, which was a significant part of his youth. Restoring the Capri became a passion project that rekindled the joy and memories associated with this iconic vehicle.

Rediscovering his cherished Capri after all those years was a poignant moment for Steve, as he embarked on the restoration process to bring it back to its former glory.

Read the full story of Steve’s Capri restoration journey here.

A Porsche 914 Transformation Tale

Jonathan Moss’s quest for a six-cylinder Porsche led him to a challenging restoration project with a 914. The car, in disrepair and scattered across various locations, presented a formidable task for Jonathan. It took years of dedication and meticulous work to rebuild the Porsche to its former glory, culminating in a stunning transformation that showcases Jonathan’s craftsmanship and perseverance.

The journey from a dilapidated project to a restored masterpiece is a testament to Jonathan’s unwavering commitment to excellence in automotive restoration.

Read the full story of Jonathan’s Porsche 914 restoration here.

Triumph Herald Revival by Mick Clark

Mick Clark’s decision to restore a Triumph Herald led to a journey of challenges and triumphs. The initial discovery of the car’s extensive rust issues paved the way for a meticulous restoration process that involved stripping down the chassis and rebuilding it from the ground up. Mick’s dedication to preserving the heritage of the Triumph Herald resulted in a stunning transformation that showcases his expertise and passion for classic car restoration.

The restored Triumph Herald now stands as a testament to Mick’s perseverance and attention to detail, a true masterpiece of automotive restoration.

Read the full story of Mick’s Triumph Herald restoration here.

Generational Ford Escort MkI RS2000 Restoration

The restoration of a 1974 Ford Escort MkI RS2000 became a bonding experience between grandfather Andrew Morgan and grandson Morgan Langdon. The journey of restoring the RS2000, a car with a rich history and emotional significance, brought the two generations closer together and created lasting memories. The meticulous restoration process and attention to detail resulted in a beautifully restored RS2000 that stands as a tribute to their shared passion for classic cars.

The restored Ford Escort MkI RS2000 is not just a car but a symbol of family heritage and the love for automotive craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Read the full story of Morgan and his grandfather’s Escort restoration here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How were the finalists selected for the Restorer of the Year competition?

A: The top ten finalists were nominated by Practical Classics readers and Adrian Flux insurance customers, with the final selection of the top five made by an expert panel.

Q: Can I nominate myself or someone I know for the Restorer of the Year competition?

A: Nominations for the competition are typically submitted by Practical Classics readers and Adrian Flux insurance customers, but you can always reach out to the magazine for future opportunities.


These five finalists represent the epitome of passion, dedication, and skill in the world of classic car restoration. Their stories of perseverance, craftsmanship, and nostalgia showcase the timeless appeal of restoring vintage vehicles. Whether it’s a Land Rover, a Ford Capri, a Porsche, a Triumph Herald, or a Ford Escort, each restoration project is a labor of love that honors the heritage of these iconic cars. Congratulations to all the finalists, and may their restored classics continue to inspire enthusiasts for generations to come.

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