June 22, 2024

Vestel collaborates with Electric Miles in the UK

Vestel’s UK EV charger division has announced a collaboration with Electric Miles, a specialized EV software provider.

This partnership integrates Electric Miles’ end-user control software with Vestel chargers, allowing Vestel to offer a comprehensive ecosystem of efficient charger control and management options to its installers, fleet customers, and charge point operators, as per a press release.

Electric Miles provides a range of solutions for businesses transitioning to electric mobility. This includes the Electric Miles Driver App, which integrates EV tariffs and solar capabilities for simplified vehicle charging. For installers, the Installer Miles app streamlines the installation process. The Admin Miles app is tailored for operations and fleet managers, as well as teams overseeing multiple charge points, offering robust remote charger management.

Ali Khan, Head of e-Mobility at Vestel, expressed excitement about the partnership with Electric Miles to deliver innovative EV charger software and apps for Vestel’s entire EV charger customer base, from residential end users to fleet operators and charge point operators. The focus is on driving the adoption of electric mobility by providing affordable, efficient, sustainable, and user-centric charging solutions.

Arun Anand, CEO of Electric Miles, highlighted the significance of partnering with Vestel, one of Europe’s largest EV charger manufacturers. This partnership solidifies Electric Miles as a leader in EV charging software and control in the UK. As the number of EVs increases, there is a growing demand for software that can automatically manage EV electricity demand to support the grid and reduce customer energy costs, while also offering flexible charger management and reporting for commercial users. The collaboration aims to embed these solutions across Vestel’s EV charger portfolio.

Electric Miles will be integrated into the residential-focused variants of Vestel’s upcoming Libra EV charger, providing users with a user-friendly control app right from installation. The Installer Miles and Admin Miles apps will be featured across Vestel’s commercial chargers, catering to a range of users from SMEs with smaller units to full commercial rapid and DC chargers set to launch in the UK later this year.

With Vestel’s Turkish factory’s production capacity of over 700,000 EV charging units per year and the brand’s reputation for value and reliability, the Electric Miles partnership is poised to support Vestel’s continued growth in the UK EV charger market.

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