June 19, 2024

Toyota plans to continue producing enjoyable gas engines until they are prohibited completely.

Image: Toyota

Enthusiasts have been reluctant to accept EVs in the past, and who could blame them? You simply can’t replicate the excitement of a naturally aspirated engine or the sound of a turbocharged enthusiastic air intake. It appears Toyota shares this sentiment.

In an interview with Australia’s Car Expert magazine, Toyota Gazoo Racing president Tomoya Takahashi mentioned plans to continue producing gasoline-powered sports cars for as long as feasible. He also revealed that there have been investments made in developing new engines.

“We aim to utilize internal combustion engines as much as possible,” stated Takahashi-san in a recent media briefing.

“While there may come a time when combustion engines are prohibited, internal combustion engines are not inherently bad; the real issue is carbon emissions.

“We are actively investing in the development of future engine technologies.” Takahashi hinted at the potential use of hybrid engines and carbon-neutral fuels for forthcoming vehicles, emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions. However, he refrained from providing details on upcoming products.

For those wondering about the possibility of seeing electric performance vehicles carrying the GR badge, Takahashi stated that there are currently no plans for a GR electric vehicle. While there was some speculation that both Toyota and Lexus were exploring the idea of offering “manual” transmissions for electric vehicles, this concept has reportedly been put on hold for the time being, according to Car Expert.

Regarding the future of electric vehicles, Takahashi emphasized that the path forward is uncertain and that EVs are not the sole solution. “The transition to electrification is still uncertain. Internationally, there are ongoing discussions about the possibility that not all vehicles will be electric. Predicting the automotive landscape 10 years from now is a challenge. Our approach is multifaceted, considering various propulsion technologies, not solely focused on EVs,” he explained.


Q: Are there any plans for Toyota to release electric performance vehicles?

A: Currently, there are no plans for Toyota to introduce GR electric vehicles according to Takahashi.

Q: What did Takahashi mention about the future of internal combustion engines?

A: Takahashi emphasized the importance of reducing carbon emissions and mentioned investments in developing future engine technologies.

Q: Is Toyota considering hybrid engines and carbon-neutral fuels for their vehicles?

A: Takahashi hinted at the potential use of hybrid engines and carbon-neutral fuels for future Toyota vehicles.


Toyota Gazoo Racing’s president Tomoya Takahashi’s comments reflect the company’s commitment to continuing to produce gasoline-powered sports cars while exploring alternative technologies to reduce carbon emissions. The future of Toyota’s lineup remains multifaceted, with a focus on not just electric vehicles but a variety of propulsion technologies.

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