June 22, 2024
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Ford Teases F-150 Lightning for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Ford has unveiled additional information regarding the heavily-modified F-150 Lightning it is preparing for the upcoming Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This specialized truck, following the footsteps of an electric van raced in 2023, will provide valuable insights into the durability of EVs under challenging conditions.

Precise technical specifications of the Lightning, such as power output and battery capacity, are yet to be disclosed. However, initial sketches offer a glimpse of its unique design. Featuring a low profile, a substantial rear wing, and a prominent carbon fiber air diffuser, the truck bears little resemblance to its showroom counterpart. The exposed motor and wiring between the rear wheels, along with a tubular structure beneath the body, hint at a high-performance setup.

More than just a showcase of performance, Ford emphasizes that its participation at Pikes Peak is aimed at gathering vital data on electric powertrain capabilities in extreme conditions. Insights from this endeavor will inform the development of components like motors and battery packs for future electric vehicles.

Renowned French driver Romain Dumas will pilot the truck at the upcoming Pikes Peak Hill Climb. With a history of driving powerful EVs at the grueling event, Dumas set a new record time of 7:57.148 in 2018 with a Volkswagen ID.R. His impressive track record includes winning the 2016 hill climb and being part of the Le Mans 24 Hours-winning team for Porsche in the same year.

The 2024 edition of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is scheduled for June 23.


What is the purpose of Ford’s modified F-150 Lightning at Pikes Peak?
Ford aims to gather valuable data on electric powertrain performance in extreme conditions and use the insights for developing future electric vehicles.

Who will be racing the F-150 Lightning at Pikes Peak?
Romain Dumas, a skilled French driver with a history of success at the event, will be behind the wheel of the modified truck.


With its specially modified F-150 Lightning, Ford is set to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance at the challenging Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The innovative design and high-performance components of the truck reflect Ford’s commitment to advancing EV technology through real-world racing experiences.

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