June 22, 2024

Toyota Confirms Test Cheating, Halts Production of 3 Models

Photo: Lexus

Toyota’s reputation with regulators has recently hit a rough patch. Its subsidiary Daihatsu closed out 2023 by acknowledging falsified crash test results spanning three decades, and even the iconic Land Cruiser faced an emissions scandal. However, it appears that the company has unearthed yet another issue: An internal investigation has revealed that Toyota engaged in deceptive practices during crash tests for seven Japanese models.

As per a statement released by Toyota earlier this week, these seven vehicles underwent testing that deviated from government standards. Toyota asserts that the vehicles continue to meet all required crash test standards mandated by the government, although without official certification, this claim is difficult to validate. The impacted models include the following, according to Toyota:

  • Crown, manufactured between 2014 and 2020
  • Isis, manufactured between 2015 and 2018
  • Sienta, manufactured between 2015 and 2022
  • Lexus RX, manufactured between 2015 and 2022
  • Corolla Axio, manufactured from 2015 to present
  • Corolla Fielder, manufactured from 2015 to present
  • Yaris Cross, manufactured from 2015 to present

Of particular note is the Lexus RX, the only model on the list available in North America. Toyota specifies that it is included for an “Adjustment on engine control system” during an “engine power test,” although the exact nature of this adjustment (such as power ratings, fuel efficiency, emissions, etc.) remains ambiguous. Notably, Lexus of America has not addressed this issue, suggesting it may not affect vehicles in this region.

The impacted models currently on dealership floors — the Axio, Fielder, and Yaris Cross — have had production halted and sales suspended until recertification is completed. Despite this, Toyota assures that the vehicles are safe for operation by current owners. The resolution of this issue awaits regulatory approval.


  • What models were affected by the cheating on crash tests by Toyota? Seven Japanese models were impacted, including the Crown, Isis, Sienta, Lexus RX, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, and Yaris Cross.
  • Are the affected models safe to drive? Toyota claims that the affected models are safe for driving, but their production has been paused until recertification.
  • Has Lexus of America issued any statements regarding this issue? No, Lexus of America has not made any comments regarding the impact of the cheating scandal on their vehicles.


Toyota’s admission of cheating on crash tests for multiple models raises concerns about the integrity of their testing practices. The halt in production and sales of affected models reflects a commitment to rectifying the situation. The outcome of regulatory assessments will determine the extent of consequences for Toyota moving forward.

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