June 19, 2024

CFPB warns auto lenders about importance of fine print disclosures

The CFPB is cracking down on terms and conditions in consumer financial products, leading auto lenders to carefully review contracts. The bureau recently issued a circular warning against the use of “illegal or unenforceable terms and conditions in contracts,” stating that such practices violate the Consumer Financial Protection Act. Entities found in violation could face consequences.


What types of terms and conditions are considered illegal or unenforceable by the CFPB?

The CFPB deems terms and conditions that violate consumer protection laws as illegal or unenforceable. Examples include hidden fees, unfair penalties, and deceptive practices.

How can auto lenders ensure compliance with the CFPB’s guidelines?

Auto lenders should carefully review and update their contracts to eliminate any potentially problematic terms and conditions. Seeking legal guidance can also help ensure compliance.


Auto lenders must be vigilant in reviewing their contracts to avoid using terms and conditions that could violate consumer protection laws. By following the guidelines set forth by the CFPB, lenders can protect themselves from potential legal issues and maintain trust with consumers.

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