June 16, 2024
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Top 12 Longest Lasting New Cars in 2024

While some of us are content with buying and selling cars frequently, most regular individuals intend to keep their vehicles for an extended period. Luckily, Consumer Reports has a wealth of data and is ready to share some of its insights on cars with exceptional longevity. Its research on the cars most likely to surpass 200,000 miles identified a dozen new models that are expected to endure the test of time.

CR ranked the vehicles with minimal issues that frequently exceed 200,000 miles. It was observed that while several models reached this milestone, some had a higher percentage of problematic vehicles at that mileage. Honda and Toyota were prominently featured, with all but one of the top 12 models originating from these brands.

New vehicles known for their durability:

  1. 2024 Toyota Camry
  2. 2024 Toyota Prius
  3. 2024 Honda Accord
  4. 2024 Honda CR-V
  5. 2024 Toyota Tacoma
  6. 2024 Toyota Tundra
  7. 2024 Toyota Corolla
  8. 2024 Honda Odyssey
  9. 2024 Ford F-150
  10. 2024 Toyota 4Runner
  11. 2024 Toyota Highlander
  12. 2024 Honda Civic

Although these vehicles boast impressive longevity, it is important to note that some of them received less than stellar ratings for owner satisfaction and driving performance. For instance, the new Toyota Tundra scored only 54 overall and surprisingly had a lower reliability rating compared to other full-size trucks. The Ford F-150, which ranked slightly lower than the Tundra, received a 63 overall score and a slightly higher reliability rating.

Consumer Reports also highlighted that these long-lasting cars make excellent choices for used purchases. However, it is important to be aware that different model years may have varying strengths and weaknesses, so conducting thorough research before making a used purchase is crucial. Ensure to obtain a pre-purchase inspection and verify that the vehicle is up to date on maintenance requirements.


Q: Are these cars guaranteed to last for 200,000 miles?
A: While these cars have shown a track record of longevity, individual results may vary depending on maintenance and driving habits.

Q: Do these cars have good resale value?
A: Generally, vehicles known for lasting a long time tend to retain their value well in the used car market.


Choosing a car that can withstand the test of time is a crucial decision for many consumers. The list of new vehicles highlighted by Consumer Reports provides valuable insights into models that have a reputation for longevity. While these cars may have their shortcomings, their ability to reach and exceed 200,000 miles is a testament to their durability. By conducting thorough research and proper maintenance, owners can increase the likelihood of their vehicles lasting for many years to come.

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