June 19, 2024

Step by Step DIY Guide for Changing the Oil and Filter in a 2011 BMW 328i

So, you own a 2011 BMW 328i and are looking to do the oil & filter change yourself. If you’re unsure whether you can do it or not, don’t worry. An oil change is one of the simplest DIY tasks that any new enthusiast can tackle.

There isn’t much that can go wrong, so with this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to complete the oil & filter change in your 2011 BMW 328i.

Let’s dive into it.

Step By Step Process Of 2011 BMW 328i Oil Change

Simply follow the step-by-step guide below to change the oil & filter with ease.

Before starting the process, make sure you have the necessary supplies listed below.

Necessary Supplies Needed

  • 7 quarts of 5W-30 synthetic engine oil
  • Oil filter kit
  • Oil filter wrench
  • 17mm socket wrench
  • Car ramps
  • Oil drain pan (10 ltr. capacity)
  • Funnel
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Shop towels
  • Safety glasses & gloves

The 2011 BMW 328i has an oil capacity of 6.9 quarts, so make sure to get 7 quarts. Gather all the supplies and tools, wear safety glasses and gloves, and begin the process.

1. Lift Your Car

Start your car for 10-15 minutes to allow the oil to reach its operating temperature. Warm oil is easier to drain with any particles in it.

Drive your car carefully onto the car ramps and engage the parking brakes.

2. Loose The Caps

Before draining the oil, loosen the oil filler & filter cap to facilitate easy draining.

Pop open the hood and locate the oil filter cap in front of the engine intake manifold. Use the oil filter wrench to loosen the cap.

Locate the oil filler cap above the engine, rotate it counterclockwise to loosen.

3. Drain The Oil

Go under your vehicle and find the oil drain plug under a cover. Use a flathead screwdriver to rotate the small plastic lock 180° to open the cover.

Position the oil drain pan under the drain plug. Unscrew the drain plug with the 17mm socket wrench and allow the oil to drain into the pan.

The oil should fully drain in 4-5 minutes. While the oil is draining, clean the oil drain plug and replace the drain plug washer with a new one from the oil filter kit.

4. Install New Oil Filter & O-rings

Open the oil filter cap with the oil filter wrench. Place towels around the oil filter housing to prevent any spills.

Carefully remove the oil filter from the housing. Replace the small green O-ring and the big O-ring on the housing cap with new ones from the kit. Lubricate the O-rings with oil and install the new oil filter.

5. Close The Oil filter & Drain Plug

After draining the oil, screw and tighten the oil drain plug appropriately. Don’t overtighten or undertighten to avoid leaks.

Secure the cover and lock it. Reinstall the new oil filter and tighten it with the oil filter wrench.

6. Add The Oil

Open the oil filler cap and use the funnel to add 6.9 quarts of 5W-30 synthetic oil. Check the oil level periodically until it reaches the recommended level on the dashboard.

Close the oil filler cap once the level is correct.

7. Final Inspection

After adding 6.9 quarts of oil and verifying the correct level, perform a final inspection.

Clean the oil filler cap, oil filler cap, and oil drain plug area. Take the car for a short drive to circulate the oil.

Check for any leaks and ensure the oil level is as recommended.

8. Recycle The Old Oil

After the successful oil change, recycle the old oil at a nearby recycling center or local auto shop.

Many auto shops offer discounts for old oils, so it’s a win-win situation.


You now have the knowledge to perform an oil & oil filter change on your 2011 BMW 328i. You can now DIY the oil change in just 30 minutes and save on labor costs. With the increasing cost of oil changes, DIY can be a cost-effective solution.

Good luck on your DIY journey.

Image Credit: United BMW, Cars.com

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