June 25, 2024

This Week’s QOTD Roundup: Surprisingly Ugly Regular Cars and Stunning Race Cars

Screenshot: Doug DeMuro

When I purchased my E39 BMW 540i, it had almost all the features I was looking for. A powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine, a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and a tape player that allowed me to enjoy music from my iPod. I acquired it at a reasonable price, and it still ranks as one of the finest cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. Unfortunately, the original owner neglected to include one crucial feature – the car phone. – Collin Woodard Discover More


  1. Q: What features did the BMW 540i come with?
  2. A: The BMW 540i came with a powerful V8 engine, a manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a tape player.
  3. Q: What feature was missing in the BMW 540i?
  4. A: The car phone feature was missing in the BMW 540i.

In conclusion, despite the absence of the car phone feature, the E39 BMW 540i proved to be a fantastic vehicle with its impressive engine, manual transmission, and overall driving experience. It goes to show that sometimes the absence of a single feature can’t overshadow the overall excellence of a car.

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