June 19, 2024

A minor door ding turned into a nightmare for a Fisker Ocean owner

Fisker has been on the edge of collapse for some time now, causing concern for owners of their vehicles. The impact of this instability is becoming more apparent, as highlighted by a recent incident involving a Fisker Ocean owner.

After a minor door ding on Joy Wanner’s Ocean, her insurance company decided to total the vehicle due to the lack of available parts and unfamiliarity with the brand. This decision, despite the damage being minor and repairable, left Wanner frustrated with the whole experience.

Unfortunately, Wanner’s story is not unique among Fisker owners. Issues with paperwork, lack of communication, and unreliable vehicle performance have soured many on the brand. Despite receiving a payout from the insurance company, the overall experience of owning a Fisker has not been worth the trouble.


1. Are Fisker vehicles reliable?

Unfortunately, many Fisker owners have reported issues with their vehicles, including communication problems with the company and unreliable performance.


The challenges faced by Fisker owners, like Joy Wanner, serve as a cautionary tale for those considering investing in new car companies. The promise of innovation and style may not always outweigh the headaches and frustrations that come with owning a vehicle from a struggling brand.

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