June 25, 2024

Tesla Adjusts Goal to Build Fewer Cars Annually by 2030 from Previous Ambitious Target of 20 Million

Good day! It’s finally Friday, May 24, 2024, and welcome to The Morning Shift, where we bring you the latest automotive news from around the world all in one place. Let’s dive into the key stories of the day.

Top Gear: Tesla’s Production Challenges

Tesla is currently facing various challenges, from recalls on the Cybertruck to workforce reductions and decreased sales. Recent reports indicate that the company has reduced production of the Model Y electric SUV in Shanghai, with a significant decline in output compared to previous years.

In addition, Tesla has revised its ambitious goal of shipping over 20 million cars annually by 2030, raising questions about the feasibility of this target. With a shift towards autonomous taxis, the company may need to recalibrate its objectives.

Second Gear: Tariff Turmoil for Tesla

Amid escalating trade tensions, Tesla is reevaluating its stance on tariffs, especially concerning Chinese-made EVs. Recent trade measures could impact the company’s operations and export strategies, prompting a reassessment of its previous positions on trade barriers.

Third Gear: Boeing’s Quality Concerns

Boeing is grappling with quality control issues and regulatory scrutiny following incidents of manufacturing flaws and safety concerns. The company is under federal investigation, highlighting the challenges it faces in restoring its reputation and ensuring aircraft safety.

Fourth Gear: GM’s Autonomous Future

General Motors is shifting its focus towards autonomous vehicles, with CEO Mary Barra emphasizing the potential of self-driving technology to enhance road safety and efficiency. The company’s investments in Cruise and autonomous technology reflect its commitment to innovation in the automotive sector.

In Reverse: Looking Back

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