June 16, 2024

Synchrony and Octane provide support for OEM incentives in a competitive market

Powersports sales are anticipated to encounter challenges in the coming months due to affordability issues affecting consumers, leading to an increase in promotional activities. The decrease in sales can be attributed to consumers becoming more discerning in their buying decisions and prioritizing their expenses. Susan Medrano, senior vice president and general manager at Synchrony, suggests that the current economic climate is influencing consumer behavior.


1. **Why are Powersports sales facing headwinds?**
Powersports sales are facing challenges due to affordability concerns among consumers, leading to a decrease in purchasing activity.

2. **What is prompting a wave of promotions in the Powersports industry?**
Affordability issues have resulted in companies offering promotions to attract consumers and boost sales.

3. **How are consumers changing their purchasing habits in response to affordability concerns?**
Consumers are becoming more selective about their purchases and where they allocate their money.


In conclusion, Powersports sales are expected to continue facing challenges due to affordability concerns impacting consumer spending habits. Companies in the industry are responding with promotional activities to attract customers and stimulate sales. It is essential for businesses to adapt to the changing market conditions and consumer behavior to navigate through these headwinds successfully.

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