June 19, 2024

Soap opera strays from course as F1 makes first stop in U.S. for 2023 season

Max Verstappen Dominance

With four wins in five races this Formula 1 season, Max Verstappen is showing early signs of securing the championship. As the series touches down in the United States for the Miami Grand Prix, Verstappen is looking to continue his winning streak, having triumphed in the event’s previous editions.

Despite the on-track action taking a back seat to off-track drama, Verstappen’s performance on the circuit has been impressive.

Red Bull Turmoil

Amidst allegations of misconduct within the Red Bull Racing team, Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey announced his early departure next year. The controversy surrounding Team Principal Christian Horner has raised concerns about the team’s stability, with Verstappen’s father hinting at internal struggles.

Andretti’s F1 Bid

Mario Andretti’s efforts to secure a spot for an American team on the F1 grid continue, with ongoing support from General Motors. Despite initial rejection by Formula One Management, discussions are still in progress, and a second meeting is scheduled during the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

Guenther Steiner Lawsuit

Former Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner, known for his role in the F1 docuseries, has sued the team over unpaid commissions and merchandise rights. The lawsuit highlights the value of Steiner’s exposure through “Drive to Survive” and the financial implications for the team.

Odds and Ends

Ferrari’s unique blue livery for the Miami Grand Prix pays homage to their heritage, a departure from their traditional red color scheme. The driver market remains active, with speculation about Carlos Sainz Jr.’s next move and potential shifts at top teams like Mercedes and Red Bull.


Q: What is the current status of the Andretti Global’s F1 bid?

A: Discussions are ongoing, with support from congressional representatives and efforts to secure a spot on the F1 grid.


As the F1 season progresses, the off-track drama and on-track performances continue to captivate fans and stakeholders. With dynamic storylines unfolding, the Miami Grand Prix promises excitement and intrigue on and off the circuit.

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