June 19, 2024

Sharp spike in demand for breakdown assistance as ‘Beast from the East’ brings in nearly double the customers

Hadleigh Breakdown, the breakdown arm of Adrian Flux is experiencing a significant increase in providing breakdown assistance to customers stranded with their vehicles in the harsh weather conditions.

Common issues reported by motorists in the cold weather include:

  • Difficulty starting the vehicle, often due to a flat battery
  • Vehicle cutting out while driving
  • Punctures and tire problems

Ronan Hart, General Manager at Hadleigh Breakdown, mentioned: “Our advisors have been working tirelessly to assist drivers in need of roadside aid during these freezing conditions.”

He added: “The most prevalent issue reported is difficulty starting a vehicle, usually caused by a flat battery in this cold climate.”

“In addition to providing roadside assistance for tire or brake issues, we’ve also received numerous calls from customers who have skidded into ditches due to icy or snowy conditions.”

Hart continued: “Our breakdown hotline will be available 24/7 for customers needing assistance in these freezing weather conditions.”

Hadleigh Breakdown has handled 100 breakdowns for Adrian Flux customers on Wednesday alone – nearly double the average daily requests received since the beginning of the year. Similar numbers are being reported for the rest of the week.

In January, advisors assisted with an average of 53 breakdowns per day, and in February, 52 breakdowns per day before the cold snap hit. However, in the last three days, there has been an average of 80 breakdowns per day due to the severe weather conditions.

On the other hand, the Adrian Flux claims line has seen a decrease in calls to its hotline. Yesterday, there were 30% fewer claims than usual, and today, 20% less than normal, as drivers opt not to venture out in these conditions.

There have been reports of more single vehicle accidents than usual to the hotlines today.

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In conclusion, the extreme weather conditions have resulted in a sharp increase in breakdown assistance requests. It is crucial for drivers to take necessary precautions and seek help promptly if faced with vehicle issues in such challenging conditions.

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