June 19, 2024

Report: The Supra’s Demise Blamed on BMW Components by Critics

Photo: Toyota

When the A90 Toyota Supra finally hit the scene as a production vehicle, detractors immediately emerged to criticize it for sharing a BMW platform. Disregarding the fact that Toyota revealed the specifications for its chassis, or that Japanese engineers were responsible for the final adjustments — the presence of a BMW logo on the oil filter was enough to condemn the car. However, recent indications suggest that the Supra may be discontinued within the next two years.

A report from Automotive News states that the Supra’s production will cease in 2026, alongside the BMW Z4, as Magna Steyr’s Austian plant shuts down. Given BMW’s lack of interest in reviving the Z4, it appears that Toyota may need to develop a new Supra model independently — a prospect that seems unlikely given the company’s reluctance to produce coupes without a partner. The critics have succeeded: a car criticized for its German influence will soon be completely extinct. Is that preferable?

There is a possibility of continuing the Supra lineage, proposed by one of Toyota’s most enthusiastic enthusiasts: Tetsuya Tada. During the A90 Supra’s launch, Tada mentioned to Japanese Nostalgic Car the possibility of an A100 model in the future:

“The A100 will come, one day, but the taste will probably be very different,” Tada responded, “It might be an EV, or autonomous, or like a Formula E car. Who knows. The A100 might take the Supra name in a drastically different direction. Definitely different from the lineage of the A70 and A80.”

He then pondered on the future. “I want to continue Suzuki’s vision, but what evolves under new engineering leadership remains uncertain.”

When the time comes for the A100, Tada may have retired.

If you disapproved of the fantastic ZF 8HP gearbox utilized in the Supra’s launch, how will you receive an electric or autonomous version? By seeking an unattainable purity or perfection, a remarkable car slipped away.

FAQ Section:
– Will the Toyota Supra truly be discontinued in the next two years?
– Is there a possibility of a new Supra model being developed independently by Toyota?

The fate of the Toyota Supra hangs in the balance as reports indicate its potential demise in the coming years. Critics who lambasted the car for its German ties may soon witness its complete extinction. However, the legacy of the Supra may continue with the proposed A100 model, offering a new direction for the iconic nameplate. Only time will tell what lies ahead for this beloved car.

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