June 16, 2024
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Ranking the Top 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Driving in 2024

How’s the traffic situation in your area? It’s probably better than what residents of Oakland, Calif., and Miami, Fla., have to endure on a daily basis. A recent report by Forbes Advisor reveals the most challenging cities in the United States for drivers, with some familiar names making the list.

The 10 most difficult U.S. cities for driving:

  1. Oakland
  2. Miami
  3. San Francisco
  4. Houston
  5. Philadelphia
  6. New York City
  7. Chicago
  8. Atlanta
  9. Dallas
  10. Portland, Ore.

Using data from 15 different factors grouped into categories such as driving experience, safety, cost of car ownership, and access to car maintenance, Forbes evaluated 47 metropolitan areas to determine the rankings. Oakland topped the list of worst cities overall, while Boston ranked lowest in driver experience and Albuquerque was rated the least safe. New York City emerged as the most expensive place to own a car, with Memphis having the poorest access to car maintenance.

When it comes to gas prices, it’s no surprise that other California cities like Los Angeles and Long Beach also found spots in the bottom 20 for driving conditions. According to AAA, the current average gas price in the state is $5.42, considerably higher than the national average of $3.667.

Residents of the worst cities experienced lengthy delays due to traffic congestion, low average speeds during rush hour, longer commute times for short distances, and sluggish traffic in downtown areas. The study also factored in weather conditions, including the frequency of precipitation, which can exacerbate driving challenges even for experienced motorists.

High insurance rates were another common issue in these cities. Drivers in densely populated urban regions with high accident rates typically face higher insurance premiums due to increased risk factors. These areas may also see more uninsured drivers and a higher incidence of crash-related injuries, leading to higher costs for insurance companies, which are ultimately passed on to policyholders.

For a detailed breakdown of the rankings, methodology, and the complete list of cities along with an interactive map, visit the full report.



Q: Which city was ranked as the worst for driver experience?
A: Boston emerged as the worst city for driver experience in the study.

Q: What factors were considered in the rankings?
A: The study evaluated 15 metrics across categories such as driving experience, safety, cost of car ownership, and access to car maintenance.


Driving conditions can vary greatly depending on the city you live in, with some areas posing more challenges than others. By understanding the factors that contribute to a city’s ranking in driving difficulty, motorists can better prepare for the road conditions they may encounter. Stay informed, drive safely, and be mindful of the unique driving environments in different cities across the country.

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