June 25, 2024

Mustang GTD Takes on the Nürburgring Before Heading to Le Mans This Month

If you enjoyed watching Toyota’s GR GT3 racer testing at Belgium’s Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, get ready for more V8 excitement. Ford is gearing up for the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Ford Mustang GTD, taking the track-focused version of its $325,000 pony car to the Nurburgring for testing. Car Spy Media captured three minutes of the shakedown, showcasing the powerful soundtrack of the coupe’s 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. In its road-legal form, Ford aims for over 800 horsepower from the engine, while GT3 regulations limit output to 600 horses for racing.

Unveiled last August, Ford opened a reservation window in April and May this year for the Mustang GTD’s 2025 and 2026 model year production runs. Over 7,500 eager buyers submitted applications, anticipating a hefty price tag well above $325,000 once options and fees are included. The exact production numbers for the ‘Stang GTD remain undisclosed, but it’s clear that it will be limited compared to the number of applicants. Regardless of the performance at Le Mans, many applicants are likely eyeing the GTD as a potential investment opportunity rather than just a track machine.

After the Le Mans event, Ford plans to race the GTD in the 24 Hours of Spa before attempting a timed run at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. To get a closer look at the GTD’s capabilities, check out another informative presentation on YouTube.


Q: How much horsepower does the Ford Mustang GTD produce?

A: The road-legal version targets over 800 horsepower, while GT3 racing regulations cap output at 600 horses.


The Ford Mustang GTD promises to be a formidable contender on the track, with its powerful V8 engine and limited production numbers adding to its allure. Stay tuned for more updates on the GTD’s performance and future racing endeavors.

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