June 22, 2024
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Donations of Ford Mustangs spotlight importance of automotive education system

Ford recently donated four Mustangs to local schools in Washtenaw County to support their automotive education programs. Pioneer High School, Huron High School, South & West Washtenaw Consortium, and Washtenaw Community College each received a Mustang at an event at Gene Butman Ford in Ypsilanti. Students and teachers were thrilled to receive the cars for educational purposes.

Car Details

The donated Mustangs were all 2023 models, including three GTs (one convertible) and one EcoBoost. These cars had experienced flood damage during a storm while parked at a holding lot in New Boston, Michigan. Despite the damage, they were still valuable for educational purposes.

One of the teachers, Kenneth Lewis II from Pioneer High School, shared plans to use the Mustang for teaching technical skills and potentially for fundraising events.

Donation Program

Ford’s donation program, including vehicles damaged in transit, aims to provide students with hands-on learning resources and valuable career skills. The dealership, Gene Butman Ford, played a key role in facilitating the donation process.

Education Impact

The donations provide students with access to the latest technology, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for future careers in the automotive industry.

Despite challenges like budget cuts, automotive education programs are crucial for feeding talent into the industry.

Job Opportunities

Automakers and dealerships benefit from supplying students with up-to-date technology as they become potential future employees.

Recruiting technicians from schools is common practice, as these individuals are essential for keeping up with the evolving technology in the industry.

What’s Next?

With the advancements in technology, including electric vehicles, the automotive industry is at a pivotal point. Schools are looking to incorporate EV maintenance programs to prepare students for the future.

While challenges exist, collaborations between manufacturers, dealerships, and educational institutions are key to providing students with the necessary skills for success in the industry.

“Being into engine performance and such is great, but … I challenge you, if you really want to be the next Carroll Shelby, find out how you get more distance, power and whatnot, and use less energy, out of a battery, an electric motor. Think next level. Anybody can cut holes in their exhaust and put a can on it.”


Q: How many Mustangs were donated to local schools?

A: Ford donated four Mustangs to schools in Washtenaw County.

Q: What was the condition of the donated Mustangs?

A: The cars had experienced flood damage but were still usable for educational purposes.


The partnership between automakers, dealerships, and educational institutions plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the automotive industry. By providing students with hands-on learning opportunities and access to the latest technology, they are better prepared for careers in the field. These donations not only benefit the students but also contribute to a skilled and educated workforce for the industry’s continued advancement.

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