June 16, 2024

Motorhome prices decline by 9% year over year

Camper van and trailer values decreased compared to the previous year in April but saw a gradual rise compared to the previous month — aligning with the parallel growth in both sectors observed in March. The double month-on-month growth in March marked a significant milestone since May 2023. This sequential increase in values is typical for this time of year, as March and […]


1. What factors typically influence the value of motorhomes and towables?

2. Are there any specific trends to watch for in the recreational vehicle market?

3. How can I ensure that my motorhome retains its value over time?


Despite a year-over-year decline, the motorhome and towable markets showed promising signs of growth in April. The sequential increase in values bodes well for the industry, indicating a positive trend in the coming months.

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