June 25, 2024

Max Verstappen Criticizes Red Bull, Claims They Lack Understanding in Building F1 Cars

Image: Red Bull Racing

The fissures are commencing to develop in the supremacy of Red Bull in F1. This year’s RB20 structure encounters challenges with bumps more than other teams and no longer possesses as notable a performance edge as the RB19 had for the 2023 season. Following the disappointing sixth-place result of the defending champion at the Monaco Grand Prix this past weekend (the first defeat for Red Bull since 2019), Max shared some insights about the shortcomings of the team and the car.

“It is a fundamental issue, so it won’t be resolved in a matter of weeks,” Verstappen stated to Motorsport. “We need to comprehend the issue because clearly, we are not grasping it.”

“Yet, we will exert effort to identify the problem and eventually tackle it. I’m uncertain if we can achieve it this year, but hopefully by next year.”

Having retired in Australia and underperformed in the slower races at Miami and Monaco, Max Verstappen does not hold as comfortable a lead in points as he would desire at this stage of the 2024 season. Not only has he missed out on three wins already this season, but his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez has faced significant challenges in the 2024 car, failing to close the points gap that Verstappen managed by this point in the season last year.

“Any circuit that is rough or demands a lot of kerbs, such as the street circuits, may pose some difficulties, but hopefully by then, we will have a better understanding of the situation,” the champion added.

With more street circuits scheduled, including Canada, Azerbaijan, Singapore, and Las Vegas, Verstappen definitely has cause for concern. His current 31-point lead over Charles Leclerc of Ferrari could diminish with a couple of poor results or setbacks.

If Ferrari and McLaren can continue to close in on the Red Bull team, this season might turn out to be more intriguing. However, Red Bull might resolve this issue by the next race, rendering all of this a distraction. In that case, Max could once again cruise to 30-second victories and secure another easy championship. I know which scenario I would prefer.


1. Will Red Bull be able to fix the chassis issues by the next race?

It is uncertain if Red Bull can resolve the chassis problems before the next race, but they are working on understanding and addressing the issue.

2. How has Max Verstappen’s performance been affected by the car’s handling issues?

Max Verstappen has faced challenges due to the car’s handling issues, leading to a less comfortable points lead compared to previous seasons.


With the current challenges faced by Red Bull in the F1 season, including handling issues with the RB20 chassis, the competition is heating up. Max Verstappen’s lead in points is at risk, and the performance of the team at upcoming street circuits will be crucial. Whether Red Bull can address these issues and maintain their dominance remains to be seen.

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