June 19, 2024

Auto lenders consider sustainability in decision-making

Auto lenders are taking environmental factors into consideration when making financing decisions, which could impact the types of assets they choose to finance and the proportion of electric and hybrid vehicles in their overall portfolio. Fintech Solifi recently introduced an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) software-as-a-service solution on May 16 that incorporates ESG risk management as a key performance indicator.


Q: How are auto lenders incorporating environmental factors into their financing decisions?

A: Auto lenders are evaluating environmental factors such as the sustainability of the asset and its impact on the environment when determining whether to finance a particular vehicle.


With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability, auto lenders are adapting their financing decisions to consider ESG factors. This shift could lead to a greater emphasis on financing electric and hybrid vehicles in their portfolios, as they strive to align with environmental goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

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