June 22, 2024

Jeep to Streamline Its Lineup in Effort to Improve Quality

Image: Jeep

Jeep has experienced a tumultuous journey in recent years. Sales have declined, dealers are struggling with excess inventory that they are heavily discounting, quality issues have arisen, and the vehicles have become too costly for many potential buyers, despite the introduction of a $70,000 EV. Jeep has also stood out for the numerous options, trims, and colors it offers to customers. However, this may change soon if a Jeep executive has their way.

In an interview with The Drive, Jeep’s senior vice president Bill Peffer suggested that the brand should consider reducing the number of trims available for certain models, particularly the Wrangler and Gladiator. This decision could streamline the lineup and enhance the overall customer experience. The Wrangler currently offers a wide range of configurations, engines, and trims, with prices spanning from $36,595 to $100,590, excluding the Wrangler 4xe.

Peffer used the recently launched Wagoneer S as an illustration of the brand’s approach to simplification.

We are a mass-market brand with a broad volume reach, unlike Maserati. Constantly reducing complexity is essential, and there is room for improvement in this aspect. Introducing products like the Wagoneer S with a single configuration is one way we are addressing this.

The reduction of trims is not just about offering a more straightforward selection to customers. Peffer highlighted that it also contributes to better quality control. The multitude of trims adds complexity to the manufacturing process, which can lead to quality issues. By streamlining the lineup, Jeep aims to minimize errors and enhance efficiency.

If Jeep successfully manages to improve quality, lower prices, and simplify its model offerings, it could attract more customers to its dealerships once again.


What models will be affected by the trim reduction?

The trim reduction plan mainly targets the Wrangler and Gladiator models.

How will the simplification of trims benefit customers?

Reducing the number of trims will make it easier for customers to choose a suitable configuration and enhance the overall quality control of Jeep vehicles.


Jeep’s decision to consider reducing the number of trims on certain models reflects a strategic move to enhance efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. By streamlining the lineup, Jeep aims to address the challenges it has faced in recent years and attract more buyers to its brand.

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