June 16, 2024

Hailstorm in Texas leads to $1.6 million in dealer insurance claims

There has been a mixed sales volume at Texas dealerships despite a surge of incentives offered after a recent hailstorm in May caused damage to numerous vehicles across various regions in the state. Sales at Cavender Nissan of San Marcos almost came to a halt during the third week of May while an insurance team evaluated the extent of the damage. Eric Hall, a floor manager at the dealership, stated that…


  • How many vehicles were damaged in the hailstorm?
  • What kind of incentives were offered to customers following the storm?
  • Did other dealerships in the state also experience a decrease in sales?


Despite the challenges faced by Texas dealerships in the aftermath of the hailstorm, it is clear that sales have been affected to varying degrees. The response of customers to the incentives offered will be crucial in determining the overall impact on the industry in the coming months.

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