June 19, 2024
Car Repair

Car insurance prices surged by 20% in December, marking the largest increase in years.

Car owners in the U.S. continue to face rising costs when it comes to maintaining their vehicles. Motor-vehicle insurance prices saw a significant increase of 20.3% in December compared to the previous year, marking the largest jump since 1976, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This trend has persisted for 16 consecutive months, with annual gains consistently exceeding 10%.

Experts at Bloomberg Intelligence predict that insurance rates will continue to climb due to the escalating costs of replacement parts and repairs. While prices for used cars and trucks have slightly decreased from their peak two years ago, the latest consumer-price index data revealed a surprising uptick in used-vehicle costs from the previous month, contrary to economists’ forecasts for a decline. This unexpected rise in the category played a significant role in driving an overall acceleration in the rate of inflation.

Despite a decrease in 2023, used-vehicle prices remain significantly higher, up 38% since the onset of the pandemic. On the other hand, new cars and trucks have not seen as substantial of an increase, with prices only rising by 1% in December on an annual basis.


Q: Why are insurance rates for motor vehicles increasing?

A: Insurance rates are on the rise due to higher costs associated with replacement parts and repairs.


The continuous surge in motor-vehicle insurance prices and used-vehicle costs poses challenges for U.S. car owners. While new car prices have not experienced as significant of an increase, overall maintenance expenses remain a pressing concern for consumers.

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