June 16, 2024
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Cadillac introduces exclusive limited build programs

General Motors is no stranger to the concept of a custom-built vehicle (the COPO Camaro began as such). While the assembly line for mass production makes it challenging to create a truly unique modern car, GM decided to address this by investing $36,000 per car for a special series of 2024 CT5-V Blackwings. These cars were hand-assembled according to the specifications of just 21 select customers, often referred to as “whales.”

Cadillac has previously introduced serialized Blackwings, such as the CT4- and CT5-V Blackwing models that were offered to enthusiasts in limited quantities. To commemorate its 120th anniversary, Cadillac allowed customers to choose a specific year to commemorate with their builds. The 2024 20th Anniversary Edition marked two decades of the V-Series with an extensive customization program.

Cadillac not only serialized these vehicles but also allowed for extensive customization similar to what is offered for their electric flagship coupe, the Celestiq. This customization option allowed customers to pick their preferences and choose from a broader color palette.

During our visit, Cadillac had several customer cars in the shop, each with unique finishes such as Kimono, Chartreuse, Abalone, Gauntlet, Tactical, and Coppertino. These finishes were based on existing GM paint codes but were applied at the Innovation Center according to the customer’s specifications.

While the assembly of a standard CT5-V Blackwing takes 40 to 50 labor hours, the customization process for these special edition models requires much more time and attention to detail. Plant Director Karsten Garbe and his team dedicate significantly more hours to painting, hand-assembling, and validating these cars to ensure they meet the customers’ expectations.

With the success of Blackwing, GM is open to expanding this custom-build concept to a wider audience. The Celestiq served as a test, and Blackwing proved that customers willing to invest in customization can be found even at a lower price point. The additional cost of $36,000 for the 2024 CT5-V Blackwing demonstrates that there is a demand for personalized vehicles beyond the ultra-luxury market.


Can I still order a custom-built 2024 CT5-V Blackwing?

Unfortunately, the custom-built program for the 2024 CT5-V Blackwing was limited to only 21 customers. However, Cadillac may offer similar customization programs in the future.

How much does it cost to customize a 2024 CT5-V Blackwing?

The additional cost for customization of the 2024 CT5-V Blackwing was around $36,000 per car on top of the base price.


The hand-assembled 2024 CT5-V Blackwings showcased Cadillac’s commitment to offering personalized and exclusive vehicles to a select group of customers. The success of this program demonstrates the potential for expanding customization options in the automotive industry beyond high-end luxury models.

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