June 16, 2024
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BMW introduces advanced technology upgrades for all models by 2025

BMW is refreshing its 3 Series lineup for 2025, while also introducing updates for the rest of its vehicles. Some of the key changes that will be implemented in the summer of 2024 include new parking technology for the X1 and X2, as well as more customization options for the XM.

At the entry level, the 2025 X1 and X2 models will now come equipped with Parking Assistant Professional. This feature allows drivers to park their cars using their smartphone as a remote control, even when they are outside of the vehicle. The technology also enables the crossovers to learn and perform steering movements in reverse, making parking easier. Please note that only drivers with the My BMW app can utilize this feature, and it requires BMW Operating System 9, Parking Assistant Plus, and Comfort Access.

Meanwhile, the 2025 XM Label will now be offered in the same exterior colors and interior color combinations as the base XM model. Both SUVs will also have the option of 23-inch wheels.

BMW is expanding interior options for its other vehicles as well. In addition to the existing upholstery choices, the automaker is introducing new in-car gaming titles like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, “Starlit Kart”, “Starlit Adventures”, and “Trivia Crack”. Furthermore, some models will now feature Silent Mode, which minimizes distractions by muting the entertainment system, displaying less information on the digital instrument cluster, activating a screensaver on the infotainment display, closing the sunshades, and turning off ambient lighting.

Silent Mode will be available on the 2025 7 Series, iX, and 5 Series, either as a standard feature on cars built from July 2024 or as an optional upgrade via the ConnectedDrive store. X1 and X2 owners can access it through BMW Digital Premium.

Pricing details for BMW’s 2025 lineup have not been released yet.


Q: What new technology is being introduced for the X1 and X2 models?
A: The X1 and X2 will now come with Parking Assistant Professional, allowing for remote-controlled parking using a smartphone.


BMW is enhancing its range of vehicles for the 2025 model year with new features and customization options. From advanced parking technology to expanded interior choices, the automaker is dedicated to providing a premium driving experience for its customers.

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