June 25, 2024

Auto financing sector shows signs of improvement in March

The automotive financing industry saw continued growth in February and March, with a significant drop in loan rejection rates in February. Securitization volume and vehicle sales remained robust during this period. The Auto Finance Composite Index saw a 1.8% increase in March, rising to 159.6 from 156.8 in February. Compared to March 2023, the index was up by 37.5%.


1. What factors contributed to the positive trajectory of the auto finance sector in February and March?

2. How did securitization volume impact the growth of the industry during this period?

3. What was the significance of the decrease in auto loan rejection rates in February?


The auto finance sector showed resilience and growth in February and March, with key indicators like the Auto Finance Composite Index reflecting positive trends. With securitization volume and vehicle sales remaining strong, the industry looks poised for continued success in the coming months.

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