June 25, 2024

As auto sales decline, incentives increase

Car retail sales remained steady in April as car manufacturers continued to provide promotions to boost sales due to concerns about affordability caused by high interest rates. Inventory matched demand in some regions, but sales were slow in most Federal Reserve districts, as reported in the latest edition of the Fed’s Beige Book. The data was collected on or before May […]


  • Q: What were the main factors influencing automotive retail sales in April?
  • A: Manufacturers offering incentives and affordability concerns due to high interest rates were key factors.
  • Q: Were there any regions where inventory did not meet demand?
  • A: Yes, sales were sluggish in most Federal Reserve districts.


Overall, the automotive retail sales landscape in April was characterized by flat sales in the face of affordability challenges and manufacturers’ incentives to drive purchases. While some regions saw balanced inventory levels, sales were slow in many districts according to the Fed’s Beige Book.

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