June 16, 2024

Your Most Terrifying Moments While Driving

Oh boy, do I have a wild one for you.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a steal of a deal on a Wrangler for only $1,500, but the catch was that the seller needed it off their property ASAP.

I thought, “No problem,” and hitched up the trailer to my trusty Gladiator and set off.

It was in the midst of a three-day sleet storm that turned into an ice storm and then a snowstorm. Getting to the Jeep was easy, but loading it proved to be a challenge when we discovered it wouldn’t start. An hour behind schedule, with the sun setting and snow falling, I began the journey back home.

The drive was smooth until the last five miles, where a car accident left me with a choice: sit in traffic or tackle a steep gravel road with the Jeep and trailer.

It felt like more of an opportunity to take on a challenge than a choice.

The road was narrow, gravel-covered, and featured a daunting 250-foot incline over a quarter-mile.

Although the road is usually plowed, the snow made it treacherous. With the Jeep and trailer weighing about 5,000 lbs, I hesitantly began the ascent.

Engaging 4-low and both lockers, I checked the chains securing the Jeep to the trailer and started up the hill.

I accelerated, trying to gain momentum before the steepest part of the climb. About 200 feet in, the tracks ahead turned into a chaotic mess, indicating a failed attempt by another vehicle.

Despite moving at a decent speed, I suddenly lost traction, and the trailer began pulling me backward down the icy road.

Navigating the narrow, slick road with a ditch on one side and a drop on the other in the dark was a nerve-wracking experience.

After a heart-stopping moment, I managed to come to a halt just before disaster struck, the trailer teetering on the edge of the hill.

Grateful for my close call, I used the winch to slowly inch my way to safety, learning a valuable lesson in the process.


Q: How did you manage to stop the trailer from going over the hill?

A: I quickly engaged the parking brake and was fortunate enough to hit a patch of gravel that halted the slide just in time.

Q: What precautions will you take in similar situations in the future?

A: I will be more cautious and ensure better traction before attempting challenging terrain.


This harrowing experience served as a stark reminder of the importance of caution and preparedness when facing challenging road conditions. It was a valuable lesson learned behind the wheel, one that I will carry with me on future adventures.

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