June 25, 2024

What makes Range Rover insurance prices so high?

Insurance for these high-end SUVs has skyrocketed, with many individuals paying upwards of £2,500 and some receiving quotes as high as £38,000 for their annual insurance. In fact, numerous insurers are now refusing to provide coverage for Range Rovers altogether. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair. We delve into the reasons behind this trend and offer tips on finding more manageable insurance premiums.

Range Rover thefts are the main culprit for rising premiums

The Range Rover ranks as the second most frequently stolen vehicle in the UK, trailing only behind the Ford Fiesta. The latter’s prevalence on British roads over the years has made it a prime target for thieves. With just over 400,000 registered Range Rovers in Great Britain, the statistics reveal that one in 100 of these vehicles is stolen, a number that doubles for the most targeted model, the Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE D180 A.

This situation is compounded by the high cost of purchasing a new Range Rover, which typically ranges from £34,000 to well over £170,000. Since insurers are required to pay out the vehicle’s market value at the time of theft, the risk is significant, leading many insurers to escalate prices or deny coverage outright.

Gerry Bucke, the general manager of Adrian Flux, noted, “The statistics paint a grim picture for Range Rover owners seeking insurance coverage. However, the situation is expected to improve as theft rates hopefully decline.”

Thefts are disproportionately concentrated in major cities

Premiums are particularly steep for Range Rover owners residing in major UK cities. London sees the highest number of thefts, prompting insurers to refuse coverage for capital residents. Liverpool and Manchester present a similar scenario for Range Rover owners.

However, even drivers in rural areas are experiencing heightened premiums, indicative of a broader increase in insurance costs nationwide.

Keyless technology in Range Rovers poses a security risk

Most Range Rovers utilize keyless technology, making them vulnerable to relay thefts. Organized crime groups exploit these vulnerabilities to steal vehicles for resale, both locally and internationally.

Relay car theft involves two individuals working in tandem with separate devices to manipulate the car’s keyless technology. By relaying signals between the car, key, and thief, they can unlock and start the vehicle without physical access to the key.

How to lower your Range Rover insurance expenses

If you’re struggling to secure affordable insurance for your Range Rover, consider the following strategies:

1. Consult a specialist insurance broker

Specialist brokers like us specialize in catering to high-risk situations and can provide tailored advice and quotes over the phone.

Comparing websites may not offer the same level of personalized service and support.

2. Enhance your car’s security with a robust alarm

Consider installing a Thatcham-approved alarm system to deter theft and potentially reduce your premium.

3. Invest in an insurance-approved tracker

Trackers like the Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered offer high recovery rates for stolen vehicles.

4. Utilize additional in-car security measures

Steering wheel locks and pedal box locks can add an extra layer of protection against theft.

5. Secure your wheels with a lock

Adding a wheel lock can further impede theft attempts.

6. Install a Ghost immobiliser

A Ghost immobilizer adds an extra security barrier to prevent thieves from starting your vehicle.

7. Employ a faraday pouch or signal blocking box for your keys

These devices block signals to prevent relay theft of your car.

8. Disable your fob when not in use

Turning off your fob signal can prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle.

9. Park in a secure location

Storing your Range Rover in a garage or on a driveway can reduce the risk of theft.

10. Consider additional home security measures

Installing motion-detecting video doorbells, CCTV, and motion-activated lights can enhance the security of your property and deter potential thieves.


How can I find affordable insurance for my Range Rover?

Consulting a specialist insurance broker and enhancing your car’s security features can help reduce your insurance costs.

What are the key factors driving up Range Rover insurance premiums?

Theft rates, particularly in major cities, keyless car technology vulnerabilities, and the high cost of Range Rover vehicles contribute to rising insurance expenses.

What security measures can I implement to protect my Range Rover?

Installing alarms, trackers, immobilizers, and in-car security devices, as well as utilizing faraday pouches and wheel locks, can bolster the security of your vehicle.


Range Rover owners facing exorbitant insurance premiums due to theft risks and high vehicle values have options to mitigate these costs. By consulting with specialist insurance brokers, enhancing car security, and implementing preventive measures, owners can safeguard their vehicles and potentially secure more manageable insurance premiums.

For personalized guidance and support in navigating the challenges of insuring a Range Rover, reach out to a specialist broker like us to explore tailored insurance solutions.

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