June 16, 2024

What is the purpose of insurance companies verifying your driving license?

When you receive a new insurance policy, it is common for insurance companies to ask for copies of your documents. This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but there is a valid reason for insurers to conduct a DVLA license check. Providing accurate information about past convictions and penalties can potentially save you money and ensure the validity of your claim in case of an accident.

Why do insurance companies request your documentation?

Insurance companies carry out various checks before issuing a policy to determine factors such as previous convictions, vehicle details, and driving entitlement. Some insurers also perform a driving license check with the DVLA to verify the information provided by the policyholder.

What checks will your insurer conduct?

Insurance companies check with the DVLA to obtain information such as your entitlement to drive, penalty points, convictions, past disqualifications, type of license, and length of time the license has been held.

Why do insurers ask for your driving license number?

Some car insurance providers may only require your driving license number instead of a full copy of the license to prevent fraud during the process.

How can you check your driving license for convictions?

You can easily check your UK driving license for previous convictions online through the government website. All you need is your driving license number, national insurance number, and postcode to access your driving record.

Can insurers provide cover for drivers with driving convictions?

Adrian Flux offers competitive insurance quotes to drivers with past motoring offenses, including drink driving convictions. They can provide affordable policies for convicted drivers, even those with existing points on their license or previous driving bans.


It is essential to provide accurate information to your insurer and cooperate with any requests for documentation to ensure the validity of your insurance policy. Checking your driving license for convictions can help you understand your driving record and potentially save you money on your insurance premiums.

For more information on getting car insurance as a convicted driver, you can visit the dedicated convicted drivers page on the Adrian Flux website or contact their advisors at 0800 369 8590 for personalized assistance.

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