June 19, 2024

What is the deadline for disclosing penalty points on your car insurance?

When applying for car insurance, you must inform your insurance company of any penalty points on your driving licence as required by the Road Traffic Act 1998. This information is crucial for both current and prospective insurers as it can impact the quotes you receive.

Understanding the Penalty Points System in the UK

Penalty points, also known as driving endorsements, are assigned when a driver is caught committing a motoring offence. The severity of the offence determines the number of points added to your licence and how long they remain. In some cases, offenders may have to appear in court.

For speeding violations, drivers may have the option of attending a speed awareness course to avoid penalty points. However, repeated speeding offences within three years will result in point accumulation.

Common Driving Convictions

  • speeding
  • driving without insurance
  • dangerous driving
  • careless driving (e.g. using a mobile phone)

Declaration of Points for Insurance

It is mandatory to disclose any points on your licence to insurance providers before obtaining a quote. Points typically remain on your licence for four years, but certain convictions, such as those related to drink or drugs, can last up to 11 years.

Failure to declare points to insurers when making a claim can result in refusal of coverage, even if the omission was accidental.

Once points are spent, they do not need to be declared even if questioned.

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Impact of Penalty Points on Insurance Quotes

Insurers calculate premiums based on risk, and having penalty points can increase your perceived risk. This may affect the quotes you receive. If you have driving endorsements or criminal convictions, you may encounter difficulties in obtaining car insurance.

Adrian Flux specializes in providing insurance for convicted drivers and can offer customized solutions.

Automatic Declaration of Points

Some insurers may inquire about your driving record, and it is your responsibility to provide accurate information. You can verify your points with the DVLA or use the government’s online tool for confirmation.

Certain insurers automatically check your points with the DVLA, eliminating the need for manual declaration.

Insurance companies must be informed of your endorsements before offering a quote to determine appropriate pricing.

Consequences of Non-Declaration

Declare points to your insurance company

Failure to declare penalty points to your insurer can lead to complications. It is essential to disclose all relevant information to avoid any issues with your coverage.

Disclosure of Spent Convictions

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, road traffic offence endorsements become spent after five years. Once a conviction is spent, you are not obligated to declare it to your insurer.

Impact of Spent Convictions on Insurance

Insurers cannot consider spent convictions when determining coverage costs. Although they may inquire about past points, they cannot influence premium calculations.

Declaration for Temporary Car Insurance

Points must be declared for temporary insurance just like they would be for annual coverage. Insurers assess risk factors, including driving endorsements, when providing quotes for any duration of coverage.

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Specialist Coverage for Drivers with Penalty Points

Adrian Flux offers specialized insurance for convicted drivers, catering to various motoring and criminal convictions. Contact us for a personalized quote or schedule a callback for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it essential to disclose penalty points to insurance companies?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to inform your insurer of any penalty points on your driving licence. Failure to do so can result in coverage issues.

Q: How long do penalty points remain on a driving licence?

A: Penalty points typically stay on a licence for four years, but this duration varies based on the offence committed.


It is crucial to declare penalty points on your driving licence to insurance providers to ensure transparency and accuracy in the quoting process. Failure to disclose relevant information can lead to complications with your coverage. By understanding the penalty points system and adhering to disclosure requirements, you can navigate the insurance process effectively.

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