June 25, 2024

Weekend Roundup: Beyond Cars – June 01, 2024

Picture: Bugatti

In this new era, Bugatti has gained fame for its incredibly fast hypercars such as the Veyron and its Chiron successor. However, many are unaware of the extensive history of speed associated with the brand. Alongside the numerous racing and road cars produced throughout its 115-year existence, Bugatti also made significant advancements by introducing pioneering high-speed trains during the 1930s, notably the groundbreaking Bugatti Autorail. – Daniel Golson Discover More


Q: What are some famous Bugatti hypercars?

A: Some famous Bugatti hypercars include the Veyron and the Chiron.

Q: What is the Bugatti Autorail known for?

A: The Bugatti Autorail is known for being the first high-speed train created by Bugatti in the 1930s.


Bugatti’s legacy extends beyond just hypercars, as the brand played a significant role in revolutionizing high-speed transportation with innovations like the Bugatti Autorail. This rich history of speed and engineering prowess continues to inspire automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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