June 16, 2024

Volklec opens new manufacturing plant in the UK to produce electric vehicle batteries

A new UK manufacturing business making batteries for electric vehicles, called Volklec, has launched.

The company envisions powering electrified mobility and is focused on manufacturing sustainable batteries for various types of vehicles.

Volklec has partnered with the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) and a national manufacturing development scale-up facility to enhance skills in the EV battery sector.

Volklec aims to create batteries that meet the specific requirements of the UK automotive market, catering to small volume and niche vehicle manufacturers.

Volklec’s product development and rapid scale-up are crucial for giga-scale production

This collaboration will generate employment opportunities in the West Midlands, with Volklec headquartered in Coventry, contributing to the advancement of battery R&D in the UK.

Imran Khatri, Volklec Founder, stated: “Volklec is a significant investment aiming to support the UK’s decarbonisation efforts. Our initial focus is on the automotive industry, ensuring supply security and later expanding into broader electrification markets.”

Sean Gilgunn, UKBIC Managing Director, commented: “Our facility allows businesses to develop battery manufacturing processes at the required scale for industrial production. This partnership marks Volklec’s journey towards producing batteries at significant volumes, supporting the UK’s transition to Net Zero.”


Q: What is the main focus of Volklec?

A: Volklec aims to manufacture sustainable batteries for electric vehicles, focusing on the UK automotive market.

Q: Where is Volklec headquartered?

A: Volklec is based in Coventry, in the West Midlands.

Q: How does the partnership with UKBIC benefit Volklec?

A: The partnership with UKBIC allows Volklec to scale up its battery production processes for significant volumes in the future.


Volklec’s launch signifies a crucial step towards manufacturing sustainable batteries for electric vehicles in the UK. The collaboration with UKBIC and other manufacturing facilities sets the stage for significant advancements in the EV battery sector. With a focus on the UK automotive market, Volklec is poised to contribute to the country’s decarbonisation efforts and drive towards Net Zero emissions.

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