June 16, 2024

View a Cybertruck Struggling to Climb an RTI Ramp

For the past few months, the Tesla Cybertruck has been visible on our streets, facing challenges like puddles and experiencing various issues. Recently, the truck underwent a basic off-roading test and failed quite dramatically.

The test in question was an axle flex test, which aims to determine how much flexibility the truck has in its axles when navigating off-road terrain. It showcases the vehicle’s ability to keep one wheel grounded while the other reaches high into the air over obstacles, thanks to significant axle articulation. As explained by Offroaders.com:

The RTI test is a good indication of a vehicle’s off-road performance over obstacles. A vehicle with better flex will maintain traction by keeping all wheels on the ground. If a vehicle’s suspension is too stiff (low flex), it may lift wheels over obstacles, resulting in loss of contact and traction.

One would expect the electric truck, touted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as apocalypse-proof, to exhibit significant flexibility. However, it struggled to even ascend a single notch on the test ramp before its wheels started spinning.

During the RTI test conducted by Instagram user Tyler Garrett of Appalachian 4×4, the Cybertruck attempted to ascend a ramp with 12 rungs. As the truck advanced, its front left wheel climbed the ramp.

Upon passing the second rung, the right tire spun in the air without much flex to maintain contact with the ground. Subsequently, all forward movement relied on the rear wheels, leading to loss of traction at the front wheels, a suboptimal scenario for an off-road vehicle.

While the video should be viewed with caution due to unknown variables like incline angle and specifics of the Cybertruck model tested, it raises doubts about the truck’s off-road capabilities. Given its previous struggles on muddy terrain and encounters with water, it’s questionable if anyone expected it to rival off-road specialists like the Raptor.


  • Is the Tesla Cybertruck suitable for off-roading?

    Based on the recent axle flex test results, the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities appear to be limited.

  • What was the purpose of the ramp travel index test?

    The test aimed to assess the flexibility of the truck’s axles when navigating off-road obstacles.

  • Who conducted the RTI test on the Cybertruck?

    Instagram user Tyler Garrett from Appalachian 4×4 was behind the test.


Despite Elon Musk’s claims of the Cybertruck being a versatile off-road vehicle, its performance in the axle flex test raises concerns about its capabilities. While the video may not provide a complete picture, it highlights potential shortcomings in the truck’s design for rugged off-road conditions.

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