June 25, 2024

Verstappen takes first place at Miami Grand Prix Sprint, Ricciardo’s strong performance continues

MIAMI – Red Bull’s Max Verstappen secured another win this season at the Miami Grand Prix’s Sprint race this Saturday afternoon. His teammate Sergio Perez claimed third, while Charles Leclerc maintained his position and finished in second place.

A standout performance in the Sprint came from Daniel Ricciardo, who finished in fourth place, fending off Carlos Sainz throughout the race. Sainz showed appreciation by giving Ricciardo a thumbs up at the finish line, acknowledging their intense battle over the 19 laps. Despite Sainz’s efforts to overtake, Ricciardo managed to defend his position without the aid of DRS for most of the race.

In a separate battle for the final points position, Lewis Hamilton fought hard and eventually passed Yuki Tsunoda on the last lap. However, Hamilton’s pit lane speeding penalty cost him valuable time, allowing Tsunoda to secure the last point.

Miami’s Sprint race featured close competition but lacked significant overtaking compared to previous races. The teams will return to the track later today for the qualifying session ahead of Sunday’s main event, the Miami Grand Prix.


1. What was the highlight of the Miami Grand Prix’s Sprint race?

The intense battle between Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz for fourth place stood out during the race.

2. Who finished in the final points position?

Yuki Tsunoda managed to secure the last point after Lewis Hamilton’s penalty.


The Miami Grand Prix’s Sprint race provided thrilling moments and showcased impressive performances from the drivers. The stage is now set for an exciting main event on Sunday.

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