June 16, 2024

Top business leaders’ perspectives on global brands

Discover how influential business leaders perceive the brands shaping the world’s key industries. GlobalData is conducting a comprehensive survey to gain insights into respondents’ professional backgrounds, location, familiarity with major global organizations, and experiences. This project aims to provide an overview of current market sentiment across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and healthcare.

Collected data will impact brand strategies, innovation initiatives, and customer engagement models for leading global companies. Participation is voluntary, and all responses are confidential, with results aggregated to ensure anonymity.

Amid global uncertainties, businesses rely on industry leaders to navigate challenges. Are you ready to influence how brands engage with clients and respond to market trends? Share your thoughts with GlobalData by accessing the survey here.


Have questions about the survey or need assistance? Check out our FAQ section below for answers.

  • Q: Is participation in the survey anonymous?
  • A: Yes, all responses are confidential and aggregated for analysis.
  • Q: How will the survey results be used?
  • A: The data will influence brand strategies and market initiatives globally.
  • Q: Can I share the survey link with others?
  • A: Feel free to distribute the survey link for broader insights.


Your input in the survey contributes to shaping industry trends and brand strategies worldwide. Thank you for sharing your valuable insights with GlobalData.

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