June 19, 2024

Top 10 Features Found in New Cars

At Autoblog, we have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of automotive features as we test different vehicles. While we often focus on the problematic features, this time we want to highlight the best features you can find in a car. These are the features that bring joy and convenience to our driving experience. In no particular order, let’s explore them:

1. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become increasingly common, but the convenience they offer cannot be understated. The ability to seamlessly access your phone’s apps and features without the hassle of connecting cables is a game-changer. We especially appreciate the wireless functionality, allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket or charge it wirelessly while on the go.

2. Seat base extensions

One feature that we are surprised isn’t more widespread is seat base extensions. This simple addition can provide much-needed support for long-legged drivers, enhancing comfort during long drives. The manual extension feature, as found in some BMW and Mini models, is both effective and quick to adjust.

3. Heated steering wheel

Once considered an indulgent feature, the heated steering wheel has won us over with its practicality. Warming your hands quickly on a cold day is a small pleasure that makes a big difference. The overall warmth and comfort it provides make it a must-have, especially in colder climates.

4. Heated and ventilated seats

Heated seats and ventilated seats offer year-round comfort and are still not as common as we would expect. The option to warm up or cool down your seat adds a level of luxury and customization to your driving experience.

4. Remote start / climate functions

Remote start and climate control are essential for those living in colder climates. Being able to pre-warm your car in the winter or cool it down in the summer before getting in can make a significant difference in comfort. With EVs, these functions are not only convenient but also more energy-efficient.

5. Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control takes the convenience of traditional cruise control to the next level. It eliminates the need for constant adjustments, making long highway drives more relaxed and enjoyable. The addition of stop-and-go functionality further enhances its usability in various driving conditions.

6. Head-up display (HUD)

A head-up display keeps essential information within your line of sight, minimizing distractions while driving. The ease of glancing down the windshield for critical data adds a level of safety and convenience to your driving experience.

7. Surround-view camera and parking sensors

With cars getting larger and rearward visibility decreasing, surround-view cameras and parking sensors are invaluable tools for navigating tight spaces. The simulated overhead views and sensor assistance make parking and maneuvering easier and safer.

8. Power seat memory settings

Power seat memory settings eliminate the hassle of readjusting your seat every time you switch drivers. A simple touch of a button can recall your preferred seat position, making vehicle sharing more convenient.

9. Blind-spot monitoring

Blind-spot monitoring adds an extra layer of safety, especially in vehicles with poor visibility. The system alerts you to vehicles in your blind spot, reducing the risk of accidents. Some models even offer camera views for enhanced visibility.

10. Auto-dimming mirrors

Auto-dimming mirrors reduce glare from bright headlights and taller vehicles, improving visibility and safety. This feature, especially in rearview mirrors, enhances your driving experience by minimizing distractions and blinding lights.

These are what we consider to be the top 10 car features available today. Feel free to share your thoughts on our selections and suggest any other features you believe should have made the list.


Q: Are these features standard in all vehicles?

A: Not all features mentioned are standard in every car, but they are becoming more common in newer models.


Car features play a significant role in enhancing the driving experience, providing comfort, convenience, and safety. By choosing vehicles with these top features, you can elevate your time on the road and enjoy a more enjoyable driving experience.

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