June 16, 2024

This Week’s Beyond Cars Roundup: Incredible Boats, Spacious Driveway House, and the Innovative Cyberhammer

Urban and residential community ordinances appear to target individuals who enjoy working on their automobiles or leaving them in plain view, but one Seaside, California resident discovered an innovative method to defy these restrictive codes. Etienne Constable was served a notice from the city demanding compliance with a municipal regulation limiting parking for non-passenger vehicles, requiring him to conceal his boat behind a 6-foot-tall barrier to prevent it from being visible from the road. Constable ingeniously met the requirement while also expressing his discontent by commissioning a neighbor and artist to paint his new fence to blend into the surroundings. – Logan Carter Learn More

### FAQ
1. What prompted Etienne Constable to camouflage his boat?
– Constable received a notice from the city to comply with a municipal code restricting parking for non-passenger vehicles.
2. How did Constable creatively address the issue of storing his boat?
– He had his neighbor and muralist paint his fence to appear invisible, complying with the code while showcasing his dissatisfaction.

### Conclusion
Etienne Constable’s creative solution to hiding his boat in plain sight showcases the innovative ways individuals can adhere to municipal codes while expressing their unique personalities. His invisible fence not only meets the requirements set by the city but also adds a touch of artistry to the neighborhood.

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