June 16, 2024

These Are the Worst Pickup Trucks Ever Made, According to You

Image: Hummer

It took the questionable value of the standard Hummer (these vehicles were priced like Escalades!), and transformed it into a vehicle that sacrificed the advantages of an SUV for the impracticality of an inferior pickup truck.

Interested in a luxurious GMT800 pickup? Simply opt for an Escalade EXT with a truly opulent interior and a cargo bed capable of holding more than a few items.

To be honest, I should have cited the H2 SUT instead of the Sant Cruz as my prime example. A truly dreadful truck.

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Q: Was the Hummer H2 SUT a practical vehicle?

A: No, the Hummer H2 SUT sacrificed practicality for style, making it less functional as a pickup truck.


Ultimately, the Hummer H2 SUT failed to live up to expectations, offering little in terms of utility and practicality compared to other vehicles in its class.

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