June 16, 2024
Car Maintenance

The States with the Highest and Lowest Car Repair Costs

Prices have increased across the board, and this trend extends to car repairs as well. A combination of labor shortages, disruptions in parts and supply chains, and inflation has led to a significant spike in maintenance costs for car owners. A recent study by NetCredit, a financial services company, revealed the most expensive and least expensive states for car repairs, painting a discouraging picture but one that aligns with current economic challenges.

California, known for its high cost of living, topped the list with repair costs exceeding the national average by 12.17%. On the flip side, West Virginia emerged as the most affordable state, boasting repair costs that were 18.97% below the national average.

The 10 states with the highest car repair costs:

  1. California: +12.17%
  2. Hawaii: + 11.89%
  3. Florida: +8.13%
  4. Maryland: +7.99%
  5. Nevada: +6.11%
  6. New Jersey: +5.61%
  7. Arizona: +5.32%
  8. Washington: +3.37%
  9. Massachusetts: +2.02%
  10. Oklahoma: +1.29%

The 10 states with the lowest car repair costs:

  1. West Virginia: -18.97%
  2. Wyoming: -18.82%
  3. Vermont: -18.49%
  4. Montana: -16.89%
  5. South Dakota: -16.3%
  6. Alaska: -15.88%
  7. Maine: -15.20%
  8. North Dakota: -13.76%
  9. Arkansas: -11.13%
  10. New Mexico: -10.34%

It comes as no surprise that cities in California dominated the list of the most expensive urban areas for car repairs, while two Texas cities, Amarillo and Laredo, emerged as the most affordable.

NetCredit pointed out that rising new car prices are driving consumers towards older used models, which typically require more repairs. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of new cars, with advanced driver assistance systems and tech features, contributes to higher repair costs.

The study utilized data from RepairPal to compare the costs of the ten most common car repairs on a 2021 Honda Accord as a sample vehicle.

While individual experiences may vary depending on the vehicle type, there are several practices that can help mitigate repair expenses:

  • Regularly maintain your vehicle through oil changes, tire rotations, and brake services to prevent costly issues.
  • Practice safe driving habits by avoiding aggressive acceleration and braking.
  • While keeping an older car may seem more budget-friendly than purchasing a new one, be prepared to reconsider when repair costs escalate due to the vehicle’s age-related deterioration.


Q: How can I reduce car repair costs?

A: By maintaining your vehicle regularly and driving carefully, you can minimize the need for expensive repairs.

Q: Can I save money on car repairs by DIY?

A: While some minor repairs can be done at home, complex issues are best left to professionals to avoid costly mistakes.


In conclusion, the current economic landscape, compounded by labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, has significantly impacted car repair costs nationwide. By adopting proactive maintenance habits and driving responsibly, car owners can better manage these expenses and avoid financial strain in the long run.

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