June 16, 2024
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The Ford Maverick Hybrid with AWD is potentially becoming a reality

Check out these surprising spy shots of the day showcasing a mostly undisguised Ford Maverick Hybrid with all-wheel drive. Ford has yet to offer this combination to consumers, but judging by the badges on this test truck, it may be on the horizon.

These images capture a prototype vehicle, so take them with a grain of salt. While the “Hybrid” badge on the test truck suggests an AWD Maverick, it’s not confirmed. However, features like the independent rear suspension and axle stubs on the rear wheels hint at the AWD setup.

If Ford does introduce a Hybrid AWD Maverick, it will mark an exciting development in the model’s lineup. Additionally, these spy shots provide a closer look at the upcoming changes to the Maverick, including new headlights, grille designs, and a larger infotainment screen similar to the one in the Escape.


Q: Is the Hybrid AWD Maverick confirmed by Ford?

A: While the test truck showcases hybrid and AWD badges, it’s not officially confirmed by Ford.


A full reveal of the updated Maverick is expected soon, potentially bringing with it an AWD hybrid variant. Stay tuned for more updates on Ford’s compact pickup!

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