June 19, 2024

The Cars You Should Keep Forever, Top Flaws in Design, Ride Quality Concerns, and the Best Answers of the Week

Image: Ford

I didn’t anticipate striking a chord when I inquired about the most flagrant car design flaws but goodness, I was unaware of the Pandora’s box I was opening. Some of you harbored long-standing grievances against vehicles that have long since ceased to exist, while others are weary of automakers that always seem to need to revamp the already well-crafted wheel. And naturally, Tesla. – Erin Marquis Discover More


1. What are some common examples of car design flaws?

2. How do car manufacturers address design flaws in newer models?

3. Are there any design flaws that have been fixed in recent years?


In conclusion, the discussion on car design flaws has brought to light various perspectives and experiences from enthusiasts and critics alike. It is evident that the topic of design flaws in automobiles is a nuanced and ongoing conversation within the automotive community.

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